Dance Wear & Lingerie Trends

A growing trend in dance wear lingerie is that dance clothes need to be hip enough to crossover from daytime to practice to going out with friends. To meet this need, the Lingerie-Shop Team makes an annual trip to Europe to ensure the Stars Dancewear designs keep up to date on current trends in fashion.

Summarized here are some of the 2018/2019 fashion trends the team found in Paris, France and Milan, Italy – major fashion centers of the world.

The Lingerie-Shop Team found that some trends remain the same as last year, but more pumped up with brighter color palettes. Fabrics are covered or edged in nail head studs or Rhinestones — the more the better!

Collegiate Dance Wear

These styles are ramped up from last year with Bright Orange, Hot Pinks, Reds, Turquoise and Blacks. Lingerie Styles have Eighties and Summer coloring with Collegiate screen prints and big numbers on tops and bottoms.

Sequined numbering is popular on clothes and sequined numbering and sayings on canvas Tote bags can been seen all over Milan and Paris. Gone is the Heather Gray or Vegetable colored sweatshirt collegiate look now replaced with off the shoulder bright tops layered over other bright halter tops or tank tops.

Rocker Dance Wear

Studs galore! You’ll find studs on tops and jeans and on purses and bags (Louis Vuilton & Dior). Lots of silver hardware including zipper trims and studs edging and harness looks.

California Style Lingerie

These surfer styles include board-shorts made to look feminine with color blocking and piping. Drop waist mini skirts and California faded Surf logos and prints with a similar style to those seen on Fox’s popular television show, The OC.

With the introduction of very soft and sexy fabrics, new styles of lingerie are becoming more and more popular around the world.

Europeans love the California easy fashion look with visors and visor accessories, pink colorways and striped boy cut bikinis and bamboo panties.

Soft-spun Rayon looks are being shown with cut out shoulders, layered asymmetrical cuts and tonal colors ascending down a halter top.

Lingerie Tops that have cut pieces layered over another piece of cut fabric. Other big styles include short skirts with dripping look hems, layered colors, layered flounces and ruffles with pearl stitched edges or raw cut edges.

Slim baby doll tops that flare our under the bra line in a soft drap-like fabric.

Pin Up Dance Wear

50’s style images and icons like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable in Montage prints. Halter top looks and Capri’s and cutoffs are popular, as is 50’s coloring (big at Dolce & Gabbana). Athletic team names e.g. HORNETS on the back of a satiny Adidas looking zip jacket with striped rib cuffs.

Crop Pants

Huge silhouette, in all styles from warm up bottoms to cargo pants in both Milan & Paris. Loose fitting styles at mid calf with drawstring waists or roll down large rib cuff waists.

Large waistbands and drop waist style lines can be found on pants. No skinny waists for belt looks to be found on sportswear.

Trendy Punk Clothing

Fishnet lingerie, of course! Patches sewn on top of fishnet, athletic trims and stripes layered over a bright edgy print.

Designers have put their name in different fonts or abstract words. Fishnet lingerie in all colors — white, black, neon pink, orange & red.


This Year’s Hottest Red Clothes For Women

RED is my additional name! It appears blush trends are alteration this year.

The dejected one is commissioned by red one. Don’t be panic, you still can dejected clothes, but you bigger appearance them with red accessories.

The red is abundant for abatement season, but it still looks cool in the summer time. It’s the ideal blush for those women who wish to affect anybody about with their courtly look.

Let’s be honest, this is a alive and adorable color, what makes every man attending aback at you. It’s like the toreador cape, what makes the balderdash so aggressive.

Red is a affection what makes us love, angry, active, etc. In today’s column I am gonna allotment with you my claimed allegation and some of the best means how you can appearance and abrasion red clothes.

Keep it absolutely RED! We see an alarming turtleneck, best A-line skirt, miniature covering backpack and pointed-toe brindled heels. Complete the attending with the Best Bamboo sunglasses.

Red Style Lingerie

You can go absolutely red with lingerie, or you can use some adult tricks by bond red bag, red lipstick, red top, pants or any added affectionate of accouterments and accessories with your accustomed outfits.

Red has been the preferred color for lingerie and sexy clothing. It’s the sign of passion and enhances the mood for love making.

But let’s be realists, this blush is a absolute adorable detail, so you bigger use it wisely!

I mean, do not OVER DO with it, my girl. I am not adage cutting head-to-toe red attending is an absurd, all depends on break and the way you feel today. Anyway, I am actuality to appearance you some of my admired absolutely red styles.

If you appreciate that you attending acceptable in it, again who gives a damn!? RIGHT you are!his pantsuit looks actual bright. Try it on with a accidental T-shirt and air-conditioned cat-eye sunglasses.