Mom Makeover


I startled myself as I caught the reflection in the sliding-glass door.  I was filling the kids’ tiny plastic pool with water this morning. (I like to have it warming up so it’s ready for them later on.) Really? Is that what I look like?

My hair is pinned in front from growing out my bangs and pony-tail/bunned in the back. I look like an old church lady. We won’t even talk about my clothes.

I suddenly had the scary thought that I better make myself presentable just in case one of my friends wrote to a makeover show on my behalf.  What if they show up at the door? OMG I wouldn’t open it. OMG I think it’s time for a makeover.

I’ve been doing yoga. I’m more regular with scheduling my pedicures. Surely that counts for something? I even pinned this hairstyle on Pinterest, maybe I’ll actually go for it? But I’m so conflicted.

Do I have to cut my hair to “make myself over” or will that really just make me look even more like a mom? And there’s nothing wrong with looking like a mom but… hopefully you know what I mean. Big sigh.

I think what I need is: life to slow down, some sleep, and time for myself. Then maybe I can get myself together. Because honestly I could care less about how I look most days, it’s feeling like myself on the inside that makes all the difference. Yeah, let’s get there.


Our favorite shoe that gives back- TOMS Shoes– has just launched a line of eye wear that continues their “one for one” mission. For every pair you purchase Toms will help give sight to a person in need.

Three classic styles of TOMS sunglasses [$135-$145] are available in true TOMS fashion:  “with every pair purchased, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need.

One for One™.” By partnering with Seva Foundation, medical treatment, prescription eye glasses, and sight-saving surgery will be offered to those in need.

Definitely something you might want to consider giving this upcoming Father’s Day-  sunglasses or shoes, or both!


The wedge is way in this summer but do not be alarmed. I have been doing some research of my own by making several shoe purchases (you can thank me later) (hubs, I hope you aren’t reading this) and I’d like to share with you my findings.

Aldo’s Dwelle wedge is up there in height but it also covers the other hot fashion trend this year: the camel colored shoe.

(Apparently it is very important that you  have at least one pair of nude/camel heels in your closet.) They are also instant leg lengthiness for people like me, with super short legs. Hubba hubba!

How long you can walk in them: these are best worn where there will be no walking and lots of sitting. Just be sure to cross your legs and show off your gams in these fab shoes.

The Maryann by Lucky Brand is a dream- great price, it’s stacked just right, and actually quite comfortable. They made my ankles feel like ankles again. Also? Check out the color.

How long you can walk in them: light walking is okay, just don’t go for seven miles on Las Vegas Blvd like I did or you’ll end up with a laceration from that ankle strap.

Truth be told, you can get away with flip flops all summer if need be. Gap’s Metallic flip flops are well worth $15 and then some.

Cute colors and super comfy. Discovering these gems might have been the result of me stumbling into Gap, saving my right foot after a laceration scare. (See above.)

How long you can walk in them: you can walk all the way into fall with these.

What shoes are you wearing this summer?


My feet have been killing me so I deliberately went online to search for comfortable shoes with support.

Unfortunately you usually need to be willing to pay quite a lot for any shoe that is going to feel great after being worn all day long. I opted for these Born Stowaway flats and they look much cuter online than in person.

I instantly felt like I was compromising my fashion sense for comfort however, my feet finally feel alive again. Totally worth it.

I have found that Born shoes usually cover the comfort-yet-still-in-style look quite well. Other brands that have my feet’s approval (but not so sure about the style part) are: Merrell, Keen, & Clark’s.

Tell me, have you found a most stylish shoe that is also like walking on clouds? PLEASE TELL ME.


It took me a while to catch on to the new put-a-belt-on-it fashion craze. Belts, of all sizes, with every outfit. I traded the waters carefully and made a modest purchase of a big braided brown belt at Target. Thus began my addiction.

The empire waist frocks I have long embraced since birthing my last child? GONE with one fell snap of a belt. I am a new woman, with waistline. It’s amazing how slimming the “illusion” of a waist can be.

I’ve since procured belts for every occasion, every color, every fabric to be sure I am well-accessorized. From Gap to Banana Republic to Target. Yesterday I found the ultimate super-wide perfect color gray cinch, and I may never take it off.

Who knows how long this trend will hang around our hips? No matter- it’s made me feel a whole lot better about my transitioning mom body than I have in a long time. Thanks, belts.

What about you? Are you belting it out loud?